Cancer Research & Care

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The Fight Against Cancer

Our donation of $300,000 funds locally-led, pediatric cancer care and research to give children better outcomes in the fight against cancer.

Thank you for helping us create more cancer-free tomorrows!

Pictured: Dr. David Margolis, bone marrow transplant program director at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin; Christine Specht, CEO of Cousins Subs; Paul Soltwedel, past president of the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation.

“Thank you to our communities across the sate for your patronage and support of cancer research and care. It is through this kind of community collaboration that we are able to make an impactful contribution to the fight against cancer.” 

- Christine Specht, CEO of Cousins Subs


Approximately how many children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20?
Globally, how often does a family member hear that their child is diagnosed with cancer?
Approximately how many children undergo cancer treatment each year?

About the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation

In 2017, Bart & Cherry Starr introduced the Starr Children's Fund, which is dedicated to raising funds to support pediatric cancer research and treatments. Their vision is clear—to see children cancer free so that everyone’s future benefits.


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