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To us, marketing is more than just running an ad. It’s about building a brand personality that connects with consumers to win their attention and loyalty. This needs to be integrated across the entire franchise to build a following of brand disciples who will not only buy your product once for trial, but will return again and again. They’ll also tell their friends which fuels consistent sales growth. 

Over the past four decades, we’ve learned that most of a store’s business comes from the households and businesses around it, so we place a strong emphasis on local store marketing efforts. These efforts are affordable and ultimately drive sales. We will work with you to find the best marketing options available in your area. Options may include: 

  • Broadcast media (television, cable, radio) – great for large markets 
  • Online marketing (digital display, social media, search engine marketing) – an affordable way to reach your customers when they’re actively seeking a solution 
  • Direct mail (postcards, flyers and mailers) – target your neighbors and give them extra motivation to visit your store 
  • In-store (table tents, window clings, tray liners, signage) – a consistent and appealing message to encourage higher sales 

We’ll also work with our franchisees to help you understand, identify and pursue your own local marketing opportunities. We supply trained consultants to help you maximize sales in your specific trading area. We seek to become part of the community, and to get you involved in youth education and athletics. You will be recognized throughout the community as a local business owner. 

And for those franchisees in a co-op, we place marketing for you that is locally focused using market-specific media buys. Running ads is a good way to increase your sales. Building loyalty is even better, especially among your neighbors. Check out our marketing materials (good luck trying to ignore them):

Better Day :30

Better Day :15

Bored Room :30

Snort :30

Snort :15

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