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Discovery Day

Discovery Day 

Discovery Day at Cousins Subs is a fully-packed day, where you can get an inside look at our company to see if it is really the right choice for you. 

The day starts off with presentations by key members of our support staff. Next is a freshly prepared Cousins Subs luncheon where you will have the opportunity to taste why we say: Better Bread, Better Subs, Better Day. We will conclude the day with an interactive real estate tour to a variety of our restaurants in the market, led by our Director of Real Estate. The format we use allows you to ask targeted questions to the key members of our organization that know the Cousins Subs franchise system inside and out. 

Discovery Day is also where we ask you to come prepared with detailed questions that you need answered to move forward. Throughout the day, a question that you should be asking yourself is "Am I willing to work within a structured franchise system where there are set guidelines in place?" You will learn the answer to this question and many more, and will be well on your way to discovering if you are the right franchisee for us and if we are the right franchisor for you. 

Discovery Day is by invitation only and is held at the Cousins Subs corporate office in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

If you are interested in becoming a participant at one of our next Discovery Days, click here as your first step to be considered for this unique opportunity. 

We hope to see you there!

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