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Cousins Subs on YouTube

Italian Subs - Prescription :30

  • Cousins Subs - Bait :30
    Cousins Subs - Bait :30

    It's back! The Wisconsin Steak & Brat. For a limited time only.

  • The Path
    The Path

    Do not be defeated by indecision. Choose the path that leads to a Better Day. Satisfy your hunger with our new Limited Time Only subs! The Memphis Steak and Cubano are here for a limited time only.

  • Wedding Gifts
    Wedding Gifts

    Best. Wedding gift. Ever. Have you collected the whole set, yet? Which Cheese Steak is your favorite?

  • Italian Subs - Prescription :30
    Italian Subs - Prescription :30

    It's quite possible that the pain you're feeling is an empty stomach. We have the prescription you need for a Better Day. Try our new Italian Subs:


We have a lot to offer any reasonably hungry stomach. In fact, you might be here awhile – there are many delicious options to choose from.
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